LINKS (organized in no particular order)

Five Thousand Meters: Nothing Comes Easy - A website devoted to a feature film about top US 5000 meter runners

John Kellogg Training Theory - A series of articles written by John Kellogg, who coaches 28:06 10K guy Weldon Johnson

Upstate NY XC Series - Devoted to a series of XC races in upstate NY, culminating with the GVH Invitational

Steve Prefontaine Fan Website - This website is actually hosted by a friend of Pre, Chris Bence.  He was an 800m guy at Oregon.

Stride Mechanics - A website that teaches "Efficient Running"

Race Packet - Race calendar and results for the mid-atlantic region.

Track and Field Photo

NJ Running Company - Running store with locations in New Jersey and DC.

North Central College Harrier -  Unofficial North Central College XC and Track website

Hartmann International - Website for Gerard Hartmann, the physio who treats Paula Radcliffe and other elites.

David Krummenacker Journal - The 2003 World 800m Indoor Champ has an online journal

US Youth Track and Field - All sorts of info about clubs, meets, training, forums for youth T&F

Classic Sport Shoes - Did you ever wonder what happened to those great Tiger running shoes from the old days?

Unshod - Here's an article that claims that shoes make "normal" gait impossible

Leo Kulinski Running Pics - This guy has some pretty cool pictures of past road racing studs

Philadelphia Track Club - Homepage of the Philadelphia Track Club (duh)

Time-to-Run - Good website covering topics relevant to competitive running

Jason Borbet Homepage -  Homepage of a runner at Boston U.

Mary's Custom Quilts - Have you ever wondered what to do with all those old road race t-shirts? 

Mercier Tables - This calculator gives comparative performances

Interview with Joe LeMay - crica 2001

Human Kinetics - Leading publisher of athletic training books

McMillan Running - Greg McMillan coach of national class marathoners, offers online coaching services

SMI Homepage - Sports Medicine Institute International, a rehab/PT place in Palo Alto which caters to distance runners.   Free exercise info.

Dieter Baumann's Homepage - Homepage of 1992 Olympic 5000m champion, who recently completed a suspension for doping.

Men's All-Time Marathon List - I can't vouch for the accuracy, but it's a very interesting list.

Dissidents Runner's Goodies - Personal running page with free running calculator, links and other good stuff

Terrance Armstrong Homepage - Homepage of the Bermudan 1500 meter record holder (3:40.97)

Paula Radcliffe Training Article - circa October 2002

Bryn Mawr Running Club - They've got some pretty solid runners

A Cop Who Likes To Run - Personal running homepage

Dorsiflex the Ankle! - Interesting read about proper ankle function in running - A variety of running info

All Running Books - A very long list of running books

Romanov Academy - website of Dr. Nicholas Romanov who developed the "Pose Method" of running

Superrunner - South African running site

CC Journal - Cross-country info and books

Jim Ryun Running Camps - Info about his running camps for highschoolers and video of his races.

Malmo's Log - Training log of George Malley, former steeplechase US record holder (8:21)  and 2:12 marathoner, also has a 3:40 1500m PR. - Offers online coaching for young runners

"Runners" by Roger Hart - A must-read for the competitve runner

Chepkero Athletic Club - A Kenyan Running Club

DIII Outdoor T&F Top 10 - The best of DIII - All-Time.

Billy Mills Video - Video of Billy Mills winning the Gold Medal in the 10,000 meters (1964 Olympics)

Arthur Lydiard Lecture - lots of information on Lydiard's philosophy of training - race results

Gabriel Rodgriguez Homepage

Gary Stolz Homepage - Homepage of elite marathoner

Faster Running - Coaching and training advice

Sciatica Page - Track & Field results - Homepage of marathoner Josh Cox - training logs, race reports, etc.

Toby Tanser Homepage - aka RU - Homepage of prolific runner and writer

Jeff Day Homepage - Homepage of a 2:29 marathoner. Click here for his training log.

Hanson's Running Shop - A specialty running store which sponsors an elite racing team

Mercier Tables - comparative performances

Scott Douglas Homepage - well-known writer/author of running related stuff

The DeStefano Chiropractic Center - Accredited Active Release Technique provider

Bob Hodge Running Page- Homepage of Bob Hodge, an elite runner with PRs of 28:24 and 2:10:59 - Good elite news, message board and photos - Elite news for women runners - News and info on marathons

The Analytical Distance Runner - stats/rankings and stuff for elite runners and races

Bob Schul Homepage - Homepage of the 5000m 1964 Olympic Gold Medalist

The Physician & Sports Med

Running Calculator - find equivalent performances

Kevin Beck's Running Page - Writer, coach and 2:24 marathoner

Suzy Favor Hamilton - Her homepage - world class Norwegian 5000m guy with a PR of 13:11. - good training and coaching site with proven training theories. - British running club with good training, nutrition and injury articles - Competitive runner's site with interesting interviews of top Americans and a forum.

Let's Run - good site by Weldon & Robert Johnson

Running Research News - good training stuff by Owen Anderson

Peak Performance Online - lots of training/injury related articles to read

Joe LeMay Home Page - One of America's best distance runners and a very creative web site. - This is a very impressive site. Must see!

Run-Down Running Links - Many, many links and lots of good running discussion. Nice site, too.

The Running Enclave Welcome! - Those fast guys in DC. They offer coaching.

Merv's Competitive Running - Good running forum - Good site by Ryan Hill

National / International Running Sites

Team Barrios - Arturo Barrios offers coaching

Adidas Running (UK) - Good stuff on elite British runners as well as excellent training articles.

British Milers Club - Newsletter for one of the leading running clubs in England- good training articles. - live coverage of HS track meets

Running Times - good training articles


CNN_SI - Athletics

1st Place Sports


Runner's World Online - good forums and coverage of major distance competitions

Cool Running

The National Distance Running Hall of Fame, Utica, NY

Apple Raceberry JaM - Lots of Div III CC and track info - Scoreboard - Running - Good coverage of most major running events

PRRO - Professional Road Running Organization

Sacramento Sports - Info on sports (including T&F) in Sacramento, CA

Track & Field News - The Bible of T&F

Trackwire Online

Welcome to USA Track & Field - USATF Official Site

Road Race Management, Inc. - Good info for serious road racers and race directors

Regional Running Sites

Maine Running

CompuScore's Home Page - Northern NJ race results

Elite Racing - mostly Southern California running info

FlashResults - Timing and Results Service for Track and Field


My running links - Canadian running stuff


Platt Systems Home Page - Northeast US race results

Race Results Weekly

raceforum - more NJ race schedules/results



Rod DeHaven Training Log - Olympian and 2:11 marathoner

Joe LeMay - The original

Mark Coogan - Veteran marathoner currently (2001) training in Madison, WI

Marla Runyan Homepage - Great runner with a great story.

Scott Dvorak Homepage - rarely updated page of former 13:42 5000m runner

Khalid Khannouchi - Mr. 2:05:42 - Uta Pippig

Injuries / Training

Achilles Tendinitis - Good treatment article from Peak Performance Online

Egoscue Website - Info on rehab programs by Peter Egoscue

Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome

The Foot Trainer - a device that strengthens the plantar fascia

Patellofemoral Problems

Patella Injury & Treatment

Merck Manual of Sports Injuries

Dr. Pribut's Sports Page

Iliotibial Band Syndrome web site

Patello-Femoral Syndrome

The medical tent